Rave Reviews: How to Write Teeth Whitening Reviews

Many have tried writing teeth whitening reviews Calgary dental clinics. Some are brief, while others are long and fuming. As an individual, you may think that as long as you have made your point, it doesn’t matter whether the review is written in bad taste or not. Then again, the most reliable reviews are the ones which were written with finesse and objectivity.

Reviews can make or break a product or business. This is why what you think about certain services matter. This is not just to talk about your experience but to give readers detailed information as well. If you are thinking of writing a teeth whitening review for a Calgary dental clinic, you may want to consider these tips.


  1. Be Objective and Mindful of the Tone

It is easy to get carried away by emotions especially if you are writing about a bad experience. However, if you want your teeth whitening review to be taken seriously you need to uphold objectivity. Even if you have nothing positive to say about the services of the dental clinic, choose your words wisely. This way, readers of your review will take your word more seriously than when you pepper your write-up with all the profane words there is in the vocabulary.

These days, with the many bogus reviews out there, it pays to be objective. People are more inclined to believe your testimonial if you have explained your piece in a rational manner. The tone of your review says so much about your character as well, and so when people go through write-ups, they are more inclined to believe a person who has written the review in a more professional tone. Otherwise, you may just get a backlash of hate replies.


  1. Talk About The Procedure in Detail

As someone who reviews services, you cannot just say “The teeth whitening service sucks!” then leave it at that. You have to be able to explain why you think the procedure was unsuccessful. This may require you to remember all the information the dental clinic said and promised before you availed their teeth whitening service. This way, the clinic won’t get back at you by stating that they have not promised such results in specific circumstances.

Did the clinic guarantee you will have whiter teeth in just one session? How severe is the discoloration of your teeth before you had the appointment. In this case, taking before and after pictures could be helpful to cement your claim. After all, people love to be given concrete pieces of evidence.


  1. Service Fee

In reviews for services and products, it is also significant to talk about the price. People would love to know if the fee is worth the results you have gotten from the teeth whitening service. Usually, readers equate a less than ideal outcome to the amount you have paid for the service. In this case, you may have experienced a pedestrian result because you have paid minimal amount. Be outright about this on the review so that people will know what their money’s worth is.

It is easy to get carried away when writing a less than perfect teeth whitening review for a Calgary dental clinic. However, if you really want your voice to be taken seriously, consider the tips suggested.