About Us

No doubt you are by now familiar with the works of Greymalkin, the official Poet Feliat of UCB.  Last November, she was the recipient of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry, and a special banquet was held in her honour.  Her work has appeared in periodicals and anthologies nation-wide, and she is currently working on first book of literary theory.

Although Greymalkin has never been one to shy away from experimentation, her most recent work has been a reassessment of the sonnet form.  When asked why she has chosen this more traditional mode of expression, she replied, “The sonnet is literary ‘comfort food’.  I find that working through its a/b/a/b structure is very soothing when my food dish is empty.”

Sonnet 192

The sun drips through the window pane and lights Upon my shadowy coat of silver-grey. In supine form my grace dost reunite The lethargy of night, the feasting of the day.

And yea, though my gluttonous belly swells ‘Tween stocky legs, and though I’d rather sleep, Than chase at baubles bright with many bells, Tis only ‘cause I’ve spectral court to keep.

For the catnip Morpheus grows beside his hearth Dost oft induce a dreaming in a dream And twice removed, I’m queen o’er all the earth And thou are merely Ancillus Regine.

Yea, in my sleep, all is as it should be With simpering humans attending to my needs

The Human

After spending 4 years staring down the barrel of the English Canon, Kristen Hahn graduated from York University in 1997 with a degree in Literature. While going to school, Kristen worked in an independent bookstore. After moving to Ottawa, she expanded her horizons by working in some more independent bookstores, and after 10 years of independent bookselling, she realized that she was ill-adapted for the real world, and decided to open her own shop.

It was while Kristen was visiting her parents during Thanksgiving 2003 that she saw an availabale retail space on Peel Street, New Hamburg and, horrified by the thought of another interminable Ottawa winter, moved within a few months.

While her tastes in literature are diverse (she is currently a third of the way through everything), she secretly prefers graphic novels, weird science, dead-white-males, and pretentious, experimental stuff.